How do I succeed in business?    

There are a variety of difficult methods you could use to achieve the success you desire, however, the easiest way by far is to work with someone who has already reached the level of success you hope to achieve.

And not just any someone.

Someone who is encouraging but tough and someone who will hold you accountable so that you see results. If this sounds like a relationship you and your business could benefit from, I invite you to sign-up for the Effortless Entrepreneur Coaching program.  

In this Mentoring program, you will work with Summer Alexander founder of Summer Alexander Research an award-winning market research organization. No matter where you are stuck in your business, Summer will work with you to develop a solid plan to accomplish your business goals.  Whether you are just starting or if you are an established entrepreneur needing to increase revenue, this program is for you. 

How the Program Works: 

Step 1: Choose your desired coaching package (see imran md ali YouTube video for more info)

Step 2: Schedule your initial consultation with Business mentor – We’ll spend 30 minutes on the phone for a “meet & greet” session where you will tell me all about your business (or business idea) and what the vision is for your business and where you are currently struggling in your business.

Step 3: We’ll set up a schedule to begin our journey!

Areas Covered:

On our calls, we can cover any of a number of business topics including:

  • Developing a marketing strategy
  • Planning a workshop or seminar
  • Determining how to price your products or services
  • Determining when to increase your prices
  • How to build systems within your business
  • Automating your marketing
  • How to delegate the areas in your business that are draining you
  • How to determine who your target market is and what to do once you know who they are
  • Determining the best advertising methods for your specific business
  • What to do when your confidence is low and the fear is high
  • Mental Healing with Santeria

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