The Launch Your Business With Ease Program is designed for people who are committed and ready to launch their ideas into a full-fledged business. You will be held accounatable and responsible for making sure you complete the tasks assigned each month to ensure your business launeb is a success.

I am available to you for the duration of your enrollment in the program and I ask that you take advantage of my experience and expertise by letting me know right away if you are feeling overwhelmed or stuck. This will allow me to help you to overcome any obstacles that may try to get in the way of you bringing your business to the marketplace. This program signifies a serious commitment and should be treated as such.

Although you may have other obligations that require your time, I ask that you schedule the launching of your business as a top priority. Your business should not be thought of as a hobby or a project or even a way to make some quick cash. Your business is meant to solve a need in the marketplace and understanding this is the first step to your business becoming a success. The program is not designed to be a work for hire. In other words you are not paying me to do all of the work and hand you the keys to your business in 3 months.

Successful entrepreneurs eat, sleep and breath their businesses and you should expect to do the same. I only accept clients who are ready to dedicate themselves to the entire program. If after month one you have not completed at least 75% of the tasks on your to-do list (barring emergencies) we will take a step back and reevaluate your readiness for launching your business and continuing with the program.