Week 1: Completing your business plan. Complete a business plan in a week? Absolutely. This is not your grandfather’s business plan bogged down with pro-forma statements, risk analyses and other complicated business terms you have no idea how to create. In week one you will complete my Effortless Business Plan which was designed with YOU in mind. It is thorough and covers all the basics including identifying your target market, analyzing your competition, reviewing current industry trends, creating your unique selling proposition, establishing your budget and more only it is presented in a simple fill-in-the-blank format.

Week 2: Determine which business licenses, permits and insurance you need for specific business. Good news! I take care of this step for you. What’s the use of working one-on-one with a market research expert if you have to do the research yourself? Use this week to finish up any loose ends in your business plan.

Week 3: Determine your business name and structure. This will be a decision that you make however, I will provide you with the information you need to make the right decision. Don’t worry I am not giving out legal advice, I had my lawyer prepare a document explaining the different business structures including the pros and cons of each one. I also recommend for your own peace of mind that you discuss this with your attorney as well.

Week 4: Establishing your web presence. We will work together to develop some basic content for your website and determine which social media outlets will work best for your business and your personality.

Week 5: Developing your brand message. We will work together to develop your core brand message a simple statement that expresses your company’s values, key differentiators and authenticity. Your core brand message is what will connect you to your target market and is the starting point for developing your tagline, marketing materials, and advertising copy.

Week 6: Developing your marketing materials. Do you need business cards, brochures, banners, an 800 number? We will figure out what tools are needed for your business and I will provide you with resources (the same ones I use) to have your marketing materials created affordably.

Week 7: Packages and programs. What is the best way to package your products and services so that they create the most value for your target market? We will review what the trends are in your specific industry and decide to either go with them or do the complete opposite depending on what the industry history has been and what the long term goals are for your business.

Week 8: Developing your sales process. If you are going to be a successful online entrepreneur you must have simple systems in place that make it EASY for your clients and customers to pay you! We will determine which payment system will work best for your business and budget.

Week 9: Lead generation. If you have never heard the phrase the money is in the list let me be the first to share it with you. Building a relationship with an email list of loyal subscribers is a key strategy for monetizing your online business. We will develop your free offer, opt-in page and a plan for automated follow up with your subscribers.

Week 10: Survey the market. All of the planning and preparation is for nothing if your target market is not interested in your offerings. We will sample a small segment of your target market and use the feedback to tweak and adjust before the full launch. This is another step where you benefit from working with a market research expert. I will develop and implement this survey for you.

Week 11: Endorsements and joint ventures. There is no faster way to accelerate your business then to have someone else who is already established to recommend or promote you and your services. We’ll make a list and a plan to connect you with people who are aligned with your values and already have a voice with your target audience.

Week 12: Full Launch. The final step and completion of the program. At this point, you are fully equipped to handle the day to day operations of your business along with the joy of finally making your vision a reality. We will use this final week to address any concerns, test your sales process, and promote your business. You will receive: